Industrial scale and small scale Biomass Pelletization research
We have the capability to product pellets with novel additives or natural adhesives in a 125 HP, Waldron Sprout pelletizer on campus at Mississippi State University. We have made many types of biomass pellets from grass, wood and many non-conventional materials. Video here

Pyrolysis research
We have the capability to produce bio-oil from our auger system designed specifically to produce bio-oil of approximately 2-3 liters per hour from approximately 7 kilograms of biomass. Video here


Gasification research
We have the capability to produce approximately 60 cubic meters of gas containing 18% hydrogen, 21% carbon monoxide, 11% carbon dioxide, 2% methane and 48% nitrogen using a woodchip feed of 25 kilograms per hour.  We have a large compressor onsite which can take the full volume of gas to 1500 psi.


Novel Plywood/Composite Research
We have the capability to produce 30 inch x 30 inch panels which can be made of many materials using our Dieffenbacher press. The platens can heat to a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Before producing new panels in an industrial setting, this equipment can help determine the feasibility of using novel feedstocks or novel adhesives for creation of a finished product.